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University of Mount Union
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About University of Mount Union

ABOUT MOUNT The mission of the University of Mount Union is to prepare students for fulfilling lives, meaningful work, and responsible citizenship.

Mount Union was founded in 1846 by Orville Nelson Hartshorn as a place where men and women could be educated with equal opportunity, science would parallel the humanities, and there would be no distinction due to race, color, or sex.

Mount Union is proud of its religious heritage and its background in the Methodist Church. For more than a century Mount Union has been officially connected with the Methodist Church. It is now affiliated with the East Ohio, West Ohio, and Western Pennsylvania Conferences of the United Methodist Church.

Admission to Mount Union has always been predicated on academic excellence and promise. Mount Union believes in the fundamental equality of all human beings and in the right of equal opportunity for all it seeks to serve and for all whom it employs.