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Beloit College
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About Beloit College

A frontier college Beloit College was chartered by a group of educated, innovative New Englanders in 1846—two years before the Wisconsin territory became a state. Since then, our students, faculty, and staff have created a campus that seeks to push boundaries, defy expectations, challenge societal norms. That’s just the Beloit way.

Generations of trailblazers Since our first small batch of students graduated in 1851—when Middle College was the only building on campus—Beloit College has been dedicated to educating the whole individual.

Beloit is historically renowned for both the humanities and the sciences, for its accredited art and anthropology museums, its international education, and integrative first-year program. As a small liberal arts college, your professors want to make meaningful relationships with you, with both sides learning from each other. Our flexible curriculum retains much of the spirit of the innovative Beloit Plan, a groundbreaking year-round curriculum from the 1960s that emphasized field studies and required off-campus terms.

Today, we ask students to take classes from five different areas, to learn how to write and research and question. Professors and peers alike expose you to people and stories from around the world and in our backyard. We ask you to challenge what you once believed to be true, to stretch the limits of what you thought possible. At Beloit, we ask you to observe and introspect, to educate and empathize, and to take these skills with you for the rest of your life.

With a liberal arts education, Beloit students always find a way to make their college experience their own. Beloiters inherently march to the beat of their own drums. With a liberal arts education under your belt, you learn to love dabbling in a bit of everything. You take a geology class on a whim and are surprised by how much you love it. You attend an interest meeting for Art House and decide to live there next semester. You become a DJ for student radio station WBCR. You add a political science minor because your favorite professor recommends you, and you think, why not?

With an education at Beloit, you earn the skills to do almost anything—and you get to decide how and where to apply them.

Beloit College has had it—this inexplicable something President Scott Bierman has called “the special sauce.” Beloiters have a hard time describing the power and the magic of this place.